Meeting 3: Youth Empowerment

c3meeting3e C3: Meeting 3 Youth Empowerment

Tuesday January 13, 2015 6-8PM

We have many C3 members working on incredible youth empowerment projects throughout the county. We could only choose five C3 members present on their projects, all whom are working on various aspects and forms of Youth Empowerment, with a range of age groups and are at different stages in their development. These members were “Sparks” to activate discussion, ideas, and connections with other C3 members to strengthen their Youth Empowerment work throughout the county.

Information about the sparks and their dreams can be found here.

Our youth interns designed and led the icebreaker activity, a playful game that reflected on members’ personal experiences as youth. Sparks then led short 5 minute presentations on their project and their dream for its future. Then, all members chose which project they would like to strengthen based on the interests and assets each individual could bring to the discussion.

Groups formed around each topic for a more in-depth workshop. Members first shared why they chose to participate in the group and their assets- the skills, knowledge and interests they could bring to the dream. Groups then c3meeting3fbrainstormed ideas to strengthen the dream.  They then imagined what this dream looks like in the future, how it is empowering youth, what youth are saying and feeling as a result of these projects. Each group then built an artifact of the future for our Pop Up Museum that was representative of that dream out of cardboard, paper, pipe cleaners, tape and markers in a mere fifteen minutes. Objects and labels were presented to the whole group and can be viewed here.

At the end of the meeting each individual made a commitment to strengthening Youth Empowerment in Santa Cruz County. Commitments included continuing group discussions, connecting contacts, volunteering and learning more.

We’re in a community full of c3meeting3cdynamic and innovative Youth Organizations. This meeting connected these leaders with each other and others, beginning conversations and connections that we hope will continue to grow and strengthen.

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