Final 2014-2015 C3 Meeting

photo 1We closed out the C3 2014-2015 group in June. Thank you to everyone who could join us!

For those of you that missed the last meeting, we certainly missed you and want to share what happened:

  • We reflected on and celebrated the C3 connections we made together (you can see those connections in this ribbon web exercise we created). We shared stories, collaborations, new insights and ideas for the future cohort.
  • We ate a delicious dinner from Ballesteros Catering Company.
  • We shared the direction for next year’s C3 to focus on one topic to delve into deeply throughout the year instead of 4 topics. Everyone seemed to feel that this focused approach would allow members to investigate issues more thoroughly and more deeply expand collaborations.
  • For those that missed the last meeting please help us by filling out this IMG_4747final survey here.

Thank you all for taking the time and energy to be part of C3. We learned so much from you.
We hope you all continue to connect with each other, and collaborate with one another to make your work and our community stronger.

Thank you so much for creating an inspiring year with us!

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