C3 November 20 Meeting: We’re Still Here!

Summary of C3: Meeting 3, Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Written by: Jeff Caplan, Community Dialogue Catalyst

Gratitude to all of the 63 seniors, advocates, artists and program staff who gathered together just before Thanksgiving to plan artistic pathways to a Santa Cruz county beyond senior isolation.

Blog Overview:

  •    Seniors gave guidance to the artists as we worked on the big exhibit
  •    Advocates began to build the invitations for visitors to take action
  •    All seniors were invited to prepare and share personal artwork about isolation in the show in April. This artwork will balance all of the other solutions to senior isolation that the show will represent. More details below.

Stacey began with an overview of our steps so far: generating our goals for the exhibit, choosing artists to help us express our vision of isolation and a community full of connection. Next we voted on the exhibition title, “We’re Still Here: Stories of Seniors and Social Isolation” won the popular vote and the electoral college!

Each of the artists introduced their work goals for this session before we broke into workshops at six stations:

    • Station #1 Gina: Photo Stories: Discussing the isolation issues that will be illustrated by interested seniors/photographers
    • Station #2 Ariel: Future of SC: Drawing quilt squares of what a world without loneliness would look like.
    • Station #3 Wes: Audio Stories: Generating questions and stories about our lives, asking who wants to be recorded?
    • Station #4 Jeff: Action Cards: Brainstorming direct actions visitors can take in our organizations to end senior social isolation.
    • Station #5 Cid: Choreographing Empathy: Brainstorming on the scenes and participation possibilities
    • Station #6 Ry: Game of Life: Discussing the life experience triggered our realization that we are seniors.

After two rounds of workshops, C3 members gathered for some final notes and a good will send off for all involved.

If you have any questions, or want to participate in either of the documentation projects, please contact the artists directly.

  • Wes Modes, wmodes@gmail.com
  • Gina Orlando, beyondtheportrait@gmail.com

We also made a call for all county seniors to submit art that will be included in the show.  These invitations are available in English here. Also available in Spanish here. The invitation is very broad including both 2D and 3D art of different sizes.

Work will be be accepted based on three criteria:

  1. Is the artist a Santa Cruz County Senior
  2. Does it fit the size requirements (see details)
  3. Does it illustrate loneliness or isolation as represented by the artist.

See more details here. In order to plan the layout, we need to know how many pieces of art we are including; so an application and a picture need to be submitted by February 14.   The artwork itself does not need to be finished and submitted until March 29.

There is no December C3 meeting, so the next meeting of C3 is Tuesday, January 22, 2019. See you there! If you have questions or comments, or need a ride please contact Jeff@SantaCruzMAH.org


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