Pop Up Museum with Cabrillo Guardian Scholars

On September 12-13th, C3 Partners, Cabrillo Guardian Scholars hosted a Pop Up Museum to highlight their students’ achievements. Below is a summary of what it was about, how it went, and what people shared. View more photos and read the original post here.

What was it about?

At this year’s Student services showcase event The Guardian Scholars program was excited to collaborate with the MAH to host an “Achievements Unlocked” pop up. The Guardian Scholar Program supports current and former foster youth, we wanted a way to engage a larger student population at the welcome week event and thought a pop up would be the perfect thing.

*We hosted two consecutive Pop Up Museums. Our first took place on Tuesday, September 12th at our Aptos campus, while our second took place the next day on Wednesday, September 13th at our Watsonville Campus. Below is a summary of both Pop Up Museums.

About Our Theme: Achievements Unlocked

You’ve reached a new adulting level. What was your “ah-a!” moment that led you to Cabrillo? Where do you want to go from here? We all have our own education path, but how did we get there? What were your achievements along the way? It starts with a source of inspiration and a mix of passion, motivation and curiosity. Whether students in school, or as life-long learners, we all have that lil’ something that we are proud of. What is it for you? Share an object and tell your story.


How did it go?

Since this occurred during a school day on campus, instead of objects students shared stories, statements, and art produced right at the pop up! The pop up allowed for students to reflect back on something they were proud of. And many times surprisingly enough someone would say, well I haven’t achieved anything yet….but after some conversation they’d say “I was the first in my family to go to college”, “This is my last semester at Cabrillo before transferring”, or “I’m in School, but it wasn’t originally part of my plan”. We saw all of these as huge achievements, and the thing is once shared, it got people talking about how an achievement resonated with them.

What was most surprising was how many times people would start by saying I’m not…, or I haven’t… but after taking time to reflect, they truly realized what they had achieved. It was a great opportunity to see growth mindset at work, and how simple conversation can make a huge different to how a person see’s themselves.

We appreciate everyone sharing their achievements, and the rich conversation’s that came from the event!


Cabrillo Guardian Scholars Program

Lost Childhoods: Voices Santa Cruz County Foster Youth and the Foster Youth Museum

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