C3 Meeting 5 – So Much Light on a Cold & Cloudy Day

C3 Meeting 5 – So Much Light on a Cold & Cloudy Day

Written by: Jeff Caplan, Community Dialogue Catalyst

February 12 was a cold and cloudy day, yet the MAH was full of light from the art and activity of the 57 seniors, advocates, artist and staff. We all joined over coffee and cookies to take the next step to end senior isolation in Santa Cruz County. On behalf of the newly registered members of C3 we reviewed of our process and goals for the exhibition.

After Stacey presented the plan for the morning, Cid showed a short video of local seniors connected and in isolation.  Then she invited all seniors to take part in the recording of a short video of movement and portraits. Then the workshops began! Gina displayed the photos taken by seniors and asked advice on how to arrange them. Ariel lead a workshop using watercolor and collage to create isolation art.  C3 members could finish these collages and submit to the exhibition.

Whitney asked seniors in Spanish and English for quotes about how their connection with the  exhibition building process has changed their connections in the community. The Pajaro Valley Quilting Association passed out scissors and cloth for people to cut into materials for crafting a quilt during the exhibition. Jeff led a workshop to distill and then expand ideas of related events for the exhibition.


After the workshops Rogelio sang a beautiful song to the group in Spanish, and Pedro led an impromptu dance party. We closed out with a moment of gratitude and silence to honor all of the seniors, both living and passed on, who have worked to make our county a better place through their dynamic lives and spirits.

We are excited to have you join us for our next and final meeting of C3 on March 5. The exhibit , We’re Still Here opens one month later on First Friday April 5. There will be a special celebration opening for C3 members and MAH members on April 4.

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